Most people hang clothes in their closet and install a shoe holder to try and make as much room as possible. But when you are part of the staff of design professionals at Richmond Closet Company, you look at closets in a very different way. Richmond Closet Company provides Staten Island with Custom Closets to meet any of your needs.

More Than Just Empty Space

A closet is a functional storage area that, when properly utilized, can hold a variety of different items. The key to utilizing a closet properly is creating plenty of accessible storage that maximizes the open space available. We look at a closet as more than just an empty space. We look at it as an opportunity to open more living space in your home.

Your Personal Statement

Our design professionals work with you to create a storage space that expresses your personality as well. Whether your are a fast-paced and dynamic person or someone who likes to savor life, we can create a closet organizing system that fits your character and your needs. A big part of being comfortable with your living space is making sure that it has your personality.

Room For Growth

We don’t take up all of your empty space with storage devices, because that does not leave any room for growth. You tell us your goals and we create a system that will grow with you. You tell us how you like to organize your possessions and we will make sure that your custom designed closet organizing system fits your lifestyle.

It is time to get the most from the closet space in your home by calling on our experts. Every design we do starts with our clients’ ideas. Let us turn your organizational preferences into closets that will give you all of the space you need now, and plenty of space to grow as time goes by.