Custom Storage Solutions For Your Home

Richmond Closet Company provides Staten Island with Custom Closets in addition to Garage & Home Organizing. Custom Closets, Custom Garage Makeovers, Custom Wall Units, Entertainment Centers, Home Offices, Pantries, Custom Designer Epoxy Flooring & more!

Custom Closets

We can build the perfect custom closet solution for your home, no matter the size or shape of the space. Store away all your extra items with ease!

Home Office

Let us create the perfect solution to organize your home office space, and create an environment you will love to work in.

Garage Storage

We’ll help you get your garage in perfect order. Store away all of your tools, car accessories, and outdoor items safe & sound!

We Can Create Customized Closet Organization Solutions For Any Room In Your Home

Are you no longer able to close the doors on the closets in your home? Without a good closet organizing system, your convenient closet will run out of space quickly. We are experts in designing custom closet organizing systems that will give you back your extra space. We are also the people who can help you to organize your home office as well. We can give your work area a sense of style that is uniquely your own and help you to be more productive.

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Check Out Some Of Our Work

View our gallery page to see some of our favorite projects that we did for our happy customers. You might get some ideas of how you want to tackle your next organization task.

Get Organized! We Have Custom Garage Storage Solutions To Meet Your Specific Needs

A garage can be one of the most neglected parts of a home. After years of clutter collecting in every corner, there can suddenly be no room for the cars anymore. Richmond Closet Company can step in and save the day. We will examine your garage and give you plenty of options for organizing it and creating space. We can help create space for the workbench you have always wanted, and we can make sure that your garage gets back to being used to protect your vehicle as well.

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Custom Crafted Quality For Your Home

Richmond Closet Company is the business you call on when you want to do more than just make room in your home. We are the experts you call when you want your home to make a unique statement.

We are the experts you call when your style is just as important as the amount of living space you have. When you want it done right and just the way you envisioned it, then you call Richmond Closet Company.

We work with you to make the most of your personal or work space. Contact us today and set an appointment with one of our professional designers. We will help come up with an organizing system that is practical and stylish.


Our Areas Of Expertise

No matter the size, shape or style of your space, we can make it the create the perfect organizational layout for maximum efficiency.

Custom Closets
Home Offices
Basements & Man Caves
Pantries, Closets & More!

Let’s Design The Perfect Work Space For Your Home & Maximize Your Productivity

The freedom a home office gives means that you should be looking at functionality and style when you consider your organizing methods. At Richmond Closet Company, we will take your ideas and help you to create the most efficient home office that has plenty of your style. Give us a call and let our design experts create home office organizing systems that are as effective and unique as you are.

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Our Specialization

You tell us your goals and we create an organization system that will grow with you. You tell us how you like to sort your possessions and we will make sure that your custom designed storage solution fits your lifestyle.

Let’s get started in solving your storage problems today!


Customized Closets

We look at a closet as more than just an empty space, but as an opportunity to open more living space in your home.

Garage Storage

Many homeowners know that they want to organize their garage, but don’t know how. We bring the expertise to find new ways to make space.

Home Office

Your home office is where you create your ideas and run your business. You need a space that is as creative and exciting as you are.


Our ideas start with your ideas, and we love finding creative ways to handle all of your basic basement storage needs.

Laundry Room

We have years of experience in home office design, which means we know ways to get things out of your way that you have never thought of.

Entertainment Center

Let us create an entertainment center to give you all of the space you need now, and plenty of space to grow as time goes by.